Kid Midnight  Real Name: Toby Wilson
Teenager/teen sidekick/protagonist.
Hyperactive but okay. Deciding on art school or super heroing. Never not freaking out about that. Also always freaking out about Aud. SHE’S JUST SO GREAT! We’re just friends, okay? What else? My guardian is great! My therapist is great! My brains are fine. I’m fine. It’s fine. It’s sometimes not fine. Which is fine. It’s complicated. What isn’t, though?

Audrey “Aud” Prescott
Neighbor/Best friend.
So great. Likes all the same stuff as I do. Is hilarious. So cool. So pretty. I am infatuated with her, but I never want to wreck our friendship in a million years. Has a twin sister who is less cool (to be around) and more cool (popular).

The Raven   Real Name: Charles Velasco
Best Super-hero/Detective/Polymath/Guardian/Local business owner
My (Toby’s) legal guardian. Owns some auto dealerships and a sports team – go Canaries! Latest in a line of masked vigilantes dating back to the early 20th century. Says to crime “nevermore!” Best-dressed person I’ve ever seen. Also best person I’ve ever known.

Daughter Superior Real Name: Katherine “Kat” Prescott
Popular kid/Honor roll/Neighbor/Sidekick.
We don’t talk much anymore. She used to be so fun, then she got powers. Now she can fly, punch a hole in pretty much anything. Saves a ton of people. Hangs out with the boring pretty ones.

The Perfect Woman Real name: Leigh
Science hero/Mom/Genius
Aud and Kat’s mom. Has a super suit. Was on the cover of WIRED. Cured cancer. Easy to talk to. A lot of authors thank her in their books. From talking to her a little bit, it’s like you know she has twenty reasons for doing anything she’s doing and they’re all going to make everything better for everyone, so you don’t want to waste her time when she could be curing something or eliminating hunger, but she never makes you feel that way.

Presto Real name: Presto(?) Prescott
Magician (stage)/Dad/Magician (super hero)
Aud and Kat’s dad. So cool. Just. Just so cool. Not like too cool. Like, kind. And when he talks to you, it feels like he admires you and he’s rooting for you and he’s sure that he’s right about you. He’s great. Also his voice is deep and bouncy, like he’s an inch away from singing. Also he keeps reality from slipping into the darkness or something. And he loves Harry Potter.