New Kid Midnight artist Robyn Kenealy on what attracted them to the project:

I think Kid Midnight is part of a general cultural move towards examining superheroes in this way – i.e., personal, up-close, examining the impacts of hero lives on the lives of the people behind the costumes, but I think in particular, Kid Midnight is focused on a young hero in a way that conveys a lot of hope and kindness in these uncertain times

Like the re-examining is very global, the MCU is part of it, Fraction’s Hawkeye, all of that kind of stuff, the reclamation of the banal from the late 80s Serious Turn.

But what’s special about KM is that it’s small and quiet and earnest in a way these other things aren’t.

It’s not about a gritty morally grey hero – those stories are important too, but this isn’t that story 

It’s about someone who’s a very good and decent person and how he works hard to be the person he wants to be in the world