Hooray and welcome:

Natalie: Hello and welcome to the world of Kid Midnight! This is an idea Ben and I cooked up a long time ago, based on some Twitter back-and-forthing about a few sketches I posted of a famous sidekick. Ben had some really great ideas for a sidekick story that focused less on the bad-guy punching and more on the day-to-day, inner thoughts of a person in a fantastic situation like that.  Kid Midnight would take the familiar superhero terrain, but go to surprising places thanks to conventions from the introspective diary comics that Ben and I both liked.  I was immediately hooked on this character Toby, and eager to read what would happen next in his life. I hope you will be, too!

Ben: Welcome and hello to the World of Kid Midnight! Natalie’s Twitter fanart of Robin started it all. He looked as if he was drawn from her wonderful autobio comic Between Gears which led to this very webcomic you hold in your screens. Natalie is an amazing artist, as you can see, and she is as inspiring a collaborator as you could hope to find. I’m chasing her creative voice with Kid Midnight, which has expanded my own. I’m forever grateful to her for that. I couldn’t be more excited for you to see what we’ve made.

I want to earnestly and loudly thank Robin Goldwasser for her contributions to Kid Midnight. Toby is adopted. I jumped headlong into this story without considering what that meant. Robin, as a thoughtful and vocal member of the adoptee community, has taught me that it means a very lot. This comic would not be a fraction of what it is without Robin, whose name is completely coincidental.