Ben Acker  is me. Hi. I live in Los Angeles. I love to write and I always have. I hope I always will! I wrote or helped write The Thrilling Adventure Hour, the Star Wars: Join the Resistance trilogy of books, a bunch of comic books. If you like this, there’s a great chance you’ll like those.
Robyn E. Kenealy 
(Co-Author Episodes 7-present/future) 
Robyn is a cartoonist from New Zealand. They are interested in fan art and revisiting established canons and texts in order to mine them for SECRETS!
Robyn is the creator of Roddy’s Film Companion, an ongoing endless epic about former child star Roddy McDowall. It is well-known in NZ. Also they created Steve Rogers’ American Captain, which should be up on the internet somewhere, but isn’t right now. Says Robyn: I don’t know what else people need to know.

Natalie ‘Tally’ Nourigat

(Creator/Co-Author Episodes 1-6) is a writer and cartoonist from Portland, Oregon.  She is a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank CA, storyboarding and participating in story rooms for feature films. Natalie loves traveling and learning languages; she majored in Japanese in university and lived in France 2013-2014.  You can find her around Los Angeles with a sketchbook in one hand and coffee in the other.

Robin Goldwasser is a friend, a riot and a thoughtful and vocal member of the adoptee community. This comic would not be a fraction of what it is without her.

Evan Larson created the Kid Midnight logo, banner and arrows.

Brian Tatosky does the hard part with grace. The web stuff. It’s super technical. (not really, and it’s worth it–bt)