Hey everyone! It’s been a minute. It’s been a lot of minutes. The kind of minutes they sing about in Rent.
There was a time when Robyn, who was drawing Kid Midnight needed to stop drawing Kid Midnight. I wasn’t ready to say good-bye yet. I’m still not. I still have so much Kid Midnight I want to do.

So I had some artist pals step in and do some guest comics in hopes of finding someone to take over the ongoing art duties. I still haven’t found anyone to draw drawings on the regular, but I do have some really sweet guest artist art.
I’m gonna post it. I’m gonna post about posting it. I invite you to go back and read what came before if you like. I’m really proud of every inch of this little webcomic

And I’m really happy to tell you this guest strip was done by one of my oldest pals in the world. Daniel Strange and I went to high school together where we collaborated on my first ever super hero comic. It might have been his too.

Now it’s now, we both graduated from high school and live our posh Los Angeles Hollywood Tinseltown lives, but we got together to make this little comic about pretending to drum. Fun fact, when we were teenagers, we’d drive around pretending to drum the drum solo from Queen’s Now I’m Here of the Live Killers album on whatever part of the car was before us. Less fun fact: Dan was way better at pretend drums than me.

You might know Dan from his star studded earworm The Ballad of GI Joe that put a little website called Funny or Die on the map. If you don’t, I suggest you go over and check it out. It’s great, as is Dan.

Anyway, hi, welcome back to Kid Midnight. Enjoy this guest comic. More will be coming soon!